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Find The Human Answer To Political Questions

When you control the questions, you don’t really have to worry about the answers.

The quote, above, opened my last blog post about “the problem of illegal aliens”. Although technically about that specific issue, that post was also intended to introduce a more general point about how to consider political questions from a truly Human point of view.

I think most of my future posts may follow this approach:

  • What is the Political Question?
  • What Are the Left vs Right Conventional Political Answers?
  • How the Conventional Political Answers All Relate to Government Laws, Activities, or Programs.
  • What Different Answers Would Arise From Taking a Truly Human Approach to the Issue?
  • To What Extent Can You Implement a Truly Human Solution in a Government Dominated Society?

The last point will be interesting to discuss, since truly Human solutions, implemented fully, may well be illegal in today’s society.