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My New Blog: A Truly Human Society

My original vision for A Veresapiens Blog was to explore the moral/ethical implications of sincerely attempting to follow the basic foundations of libertarianism – Property Rights (Thou Shalt Not Steal) and Non-Aggression. Clearly, a lot of the those implications apply to the political questions of the day, but I really didn’t want A Veresapiens Blog to take on too much of a political orientation, diffusing its primary focus.

And so, a new blog was born. The first two posts on A Truly Human Society were actually adapted from A Veresapiens Blog since both blogs build upon a common philosophical framework. Could There Be A Truly Human Society? sets out the premise that a consistent application of Thou Shalt Not Steal leads to Voluntaryism. Your Truly Human Society shows how Voluntaryism is the normal mode of operation for most people, absent intrusion by Government.

Then, the next three posts use that foundation to lay out a ‘political’ philosophy that I call Concurrent Voluntaryism. In essence, it is a call to action for all Veresapiens and other Voluntaryists. It says that the best way to form a Voluntaryist Society is for Voluntaryists to shun the coercion that emanates from the State and its Cronies today, not someday. To see what ‘the plan’ is for A Truly Human Society, check out Concurrent Voluntaryism – The Plan.