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The Truly Human Alternative to 911

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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”—Buckminster Fuller.

This concept is at the heart of the Truly Human Society. We don’t need to abolish or even fight the State.  We don’t have to attack, either by voting or by violence, entities like the Post Office or 911.  All we have to do is build something better.  People will flock to it, rendering the government program it competes with obsolete.

We see this effect in action every day. Google didn’t have to wage war on Yahoo!.  They just built a better product, and consigned Yahoo!—once a virtual monopoly—to the dustbin of history.  FedEx didn’t have to abolish the Post Office.  All they had to do was build something better, faster, more fluid, more customer-centric than the 20th-century state bureaucracy, and render the Post Office obsolete.

The Peacekeeper AppThis philosophy is the market in action. It’s also at the heart of Peacekeeper. Peacekeeper is the world’s first market-based emergency response system.

911 is bureaucratic and inefficient. For every 100 people who call 911, 66 will wait more than 5 minutes for a response.  36.4 will wait more than 10 minutes. In poor neighborhoods, in minority neighborhoods, in neighborhoods with high crime, the wait times can be even longer. In an emergency, seconds count; yet we rely on the same bureaucratic system that gave us the DMV.

Peacekeeper’s not designed to fight 911. It’s not designed to reform or ‘fix’ the bureaucracy.  What we’re doing is much more revolutionary: we’re sidestepping the entire apparatus of government emergency response to offer an alternative.

Peacekeeper is to 911 as FedEx is to the Post Office. Faster, more fluid, more efficient, more elegant.  We’re giving people an alternative to government protection services.

Protection is at the heart of the State’s justification. Whenever anyone calls for ending the State, invariably the first response is, “We’ll all be defenseless!”  Without the State, many assume, we’ll be stuck in a post-apocalyptic Hell in which roving gangs of criminals prey on ordinary people.

That’s why Peacekeeper is essential to the Truly Human Society. Peacekeeper shows that community protection, and emergency response, can be handled by the market.

Peacekeeper.orgOur app lets you build a voluntary network of friends, family, and neighbors that can rely on each other in an emergency. The result can be faster and more humane than calling 911. If you don’t want to wait on a failed state-enforced system for protection, Peacekeeper is the world’s first alternative.

To get started, download the app and share it with interested friends and neighbors. Set up your Emergency Response Group (ERG). When one person has an emergency, they can send an alert in seconds. If you’re being burgled, you can tap the ‘Intruder’ alert and trust that your ERG will show up.  If you’ve broken your leg and need to go to the hospital, neighbors with medical training can respond. Because you’re relying on friends across the street instead of police across town, the results can be lightning fast.

Your ERG is voluntary and community-based. Everyone is on there because they want to be.  Members know and trust each other, which is crucial in an emergency.  Too many tragedies are caused by inserting armed badged strangers into crime scenes.

Peacekeeper is about giving you the tools to move beyond a failed, bureaucratic, and too often abusive system—and into something else. It’s about empowering you to handle emergencies on your own and with your network, instead of being dependent on the State.  It’s about creating a tiny island of a Truly Human Society.

Try Peacekeeper today. Introduce it to your friends and neighbors, and build an ERG that works to keep you safe.