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Concurrent Voluntaryism

Path to Liberty: WE will build the roads! (Andy Bolton)

Is the State going to champion individual freedom and the evolution of a voluntary society? Does it makes sense for us to wait for the State to collapse, and in all that chaos try to establish a sophisticated, civilized voluntary society? Is there any reason why those of us who want to interact in a voluntary, non-coercive way can’t do so now, at least among ourselves? I have been calling that concept Concurrent Voluntaryism. The idea is very much along the lines of the Buckminster Fuller quote in the image below.

Concurrent VoluntaryismConcurrent Voluntaryism

The video, below, is a recent talk by Andy Bolton that hits on very similar concepts. In the third facet of his talk he states:

Let’s build the society that we want. Let’s do it ourselves.
Rather than try to change the state let’s make it obsolete.
WE need to identify private solutions and publicise these.
There are many existing services that replace the state systems that we complain about.
And those services that don’t exist we need to create.

You can watch the full video below, or check it out at Libertarian Home along with the rest of their great content.