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How to Find Personal Freedom in a Political World

It’s a political world.

Seems like everybody thinks freedom comes from getting Government right – getting the right kind of government and just the right people to run it.

But suppose you had an almost infinitely long list of things the Government allowed you to do. Does that mean you’re free?

How free are you once you’ve accepted that you need the Government’s permission to do anything?

As Goethe said:

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

On the other hand, can Government reduce your freedom? Yes, but mostly it needs you as an accomplice.

Of course, without any help from you, Government can reduce your freedom through physical means (iron bars, handcuffs, etc.) and by using direct threats (guns, batons, police dogs, etc.), but that actually seldom happens to the vast majority of people day-to-day.

So if you are not under arrest or in some other direct confrontation with a police officer, any reduction in your freedom relies on you constraining yourself.

This means that most of the lack of freedom in our day-to-day lives is a product of our own mental constructs. We are a witting, or unwitting, accomplice.

I say ‘witting or unwitting’ because some is conscious and some is unconscious. How much is unconscious – likely more than you think. To paraphrase Goethe:

“None are more hopelessly unconscious than those who falsely believe they are conscious.”

In a previous blog, we have already talked about how Government triggers as many of your core unconscious drives as possible.

There are additional ways that the Government, and we ourselves, unconsciously reduce our freedom. In an upcoming blog series we’ll discuss the concepts of conscious vs unconscious more thoroughly and dig deeper into specific mechanisms that are used to influence and unconsciously control us.